Husbandry, Care & Health

PDF Documents

Download pdf handout for Common budgie health issues & Treatment: Health issues handout 

Budgerigar Council of Victoria list of Avian Vets: 

A detailed article about Megabacteria in budgies on the ANBC website: 

A detailed article about Avian Gastric Yeast on the ANBC website:  

Download a pdf file of How to Build a Hospital cage: Hospital Cage Description

Download a pdf article on Splayed Legs In Budgie Chicks 

Download a pdf chart of (copied from “The Challenge”) of the food nutritional values of common budgie foods. Food Nutrition chart 

Helpful Videos

A video explaining how to clip nails: 

A video explaining how to trim a beak:

A Video explaining/showing how to fit a ring on a baby:

A Video showing how to “Crop Feed” a baby Budgie: