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National Championships – Sydney 25 -27 May

Firstly, congratulations to all Victorian exhibitors that contributed to Victoria’s win in the National competition. Victoria won by 42 point with a total of 622 against NSW at 580.

Congratulations to all club members that had birds in the State team and contributed to the win, especially our class winner, Alana Rowe – Recessive Pied. Alan also got 2nd in the class. Great effort.

Even though we won, it was a tough competition when we consider how many winning birds our members had in the team, it was hard to win, as can be seen by the final placings.

Apart from the great show and competition, our members and their partners who attended had a great time, socialising and enjoying the oportunity to network Victoria and from all over Australia, a great time was had by all.

Download the Complete result book here: 2018-FINAL-ResultsBook  

Go to ANBC website for all results and photos of winning birds. https://www.nationalresults.net/

Have a look at the slideshow of winning birds from the Nationals: https://www.nationalresults.net/display/NAT2018/2018+Winning+Birds+-+Slideshow 

A video of the show by Mark Hawke: https://www.facebook.com/groups/965341603589342/permalink/1660045627452266/











State Championships & Shield Competition – State Team Selection. – 20th May

Congratulations to all members of United, we won the Young Bird State Championship & Shield.

Not only did we win, we romped it in, winning by a massive 127 points, with a total of 774 to Melton’s 650.

Our class winning members were:

            Ray Howard:              Violet

            Vic Murray:                Dilute – White Cap

           Jeffrey Leong:           Lutino – Opaline AOSV – Spangle AOSV – Dominant Pied

            Alan Rowe:                Albino – Clearbody

 Jeffrey’s Dominant Pied won Reserve bird in show.


Download results:  Shield YOUNG 2018