About Breeding & Genetics

Downloadable Information:

Breeding Expectations Simplified  

Variety Expectations Detailed

Colour Expectations Detailed

Detailed Genetic explanation here.

Egg laying chart

Line Breeding chart 

Nest Box cards

Yearly Breeding Register

Downloadable notes from a lecture by top South Australian breeder “Troy Holmes” given to BSAA meeting, Thanks Troy:  Troy H0lmes – BSSA Presentation on Pairing

This link will take you to the website of Peter Thurn – Champion breeder, National winner & National Judge. Peter works in cattle genetics and has a fantastic article on his theory of genetics in Budgie breeding: https://pt9budgerigars.weebly.com/breeding-philosophy.html

How to candle the eggs to check for fertility.

The life cycle in the breeding box.

Keeping breeding records & their importance.

Some Breeders use computer programs for keeping their breeding records. These can be very useful. Below are two common programs used by club members. Click on the logo for the link: