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Welcome to our website. This page is updated regularly to provide advice on our forthcoming events and activities. The other pages of the site will provide all of the other detailed information you might be looking for.


United Annual General Meeting  4th August – CANCELLED – New date TBA

 Although our AGM is usually held by early April, as our year is for Calendar year the same as membership & ring issue. But due to the Virus, the committee are waiting on the restrictions being lifted to hold our AGM.

A further notice will come out calling for nominations, as we get closer.


United Diploma Show 3rd October  CANCELLED



A number of new video’s and training material has been added to the site. Have a look at the training video’s in the beginner section. More are being produced and will be added for members to learn about this wonderful hobby.

If any member would like a subject covered that isn’t already on the site just drop us an email & we will endeavour to add it.



The Budgerigar Council of Victoria have added two more varieties to the show matrix, in an attempt to encourage the breeders of these varieties into the hobby.

Rainbow Budgerigar (WBO Standard)*

Coloured Budgerigar (WBO Standard) Bush Budgerigar*

This should make a lot of breeders that haven’t  been interested in showing or had nowhere to show the birds previously, very happy.

Hopefully those breeders will come on board and start showing them, and make this hobby bigger & better. Showing adds another dimension of enjoyment to the hobby.

We have included a section on this site with all of the information about breeding and showing them, with a copy of the World Budgerigar Organisation Standard for judging.



Download the changes here: BEY Change to Standard 2020


Download the latest Budgie news here.


BCV Triennial Annual General Meeting CANCELLED – New date TBA

16th October, 2020 – Friday 7.30pm
Where:  Kingston Trophies Boardroom 141 Woodlands Dr, Braeside VIC 3195

All BCV Councillors were hopeful that our September UBC Show would go ahead until the last round of restrictions was put to all Victorians across the last 72 hours.
At this stage the September show is Cancelled.
Having said that our hope is that a November UBC Show can still be staged by having the second round youngsters able to be shown.
There are three options for the show that the Council is contemplating.
1 – an Open UBC as we are used to
2 – a Closed Show utilising a small number of judges and officials to execute with an appropriate number of breeders and exhibitors at a time being able to access and view the birds.
3 – a Live stream event that will be again run by a small number of judges and admins that will have each class livestreamed and able to be played back by anyone at any time on our Web Page or Facebook page.
Obviously we are all in uncharted waters here. It would be easy to simply say “no shows for the rest of 2020”.
We choose to be as positive as possible and plan for our event by looking at the glass “half full” instead of the alternative.
We hope you are all breeding well and getting the youngsters on the perch for the time when we can go back to doing what the hobby is all about – catching up with friends and mates and showing our birds.
Finally the most important asset our hobby has is you, the members. All Councillors would like to wish all of our members where ever you are above all good health for yourselves and your families.
Best Wishes to all,
Honorary Secretary
Budgerigar Council of Victoria