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Last Wednesday the 20th April at 10:30am on Inner FM Radio, regular announcer Roger Watson from Eastern Budgerigar club interrupted his music program to talk about everything Budgies with Vic Murray from United budgy club.
Have a listen, lets all do more to promote the hobby.
96.5 on the FM Dial…


Your club is now running on-line auctions of quality birds from members that had birds in other club auctions Plus other club members birds. Please support the club.

Click on:  Next club Auction #13 will be coming soon.


Every year when each State hosts the National competition, the Host state, in this years case South Australia, conduct an Auction of a pair of birds from most colour/varieties from the top breeders in the country in that variety.

The funds raised from these auctions go towards the costs of staging the event.

This years National will be held via Zoom from Victor Harbour, due to the effect of Covid on bookings and logistics, and consequently the Auction will now be held on-line. 

You can view or participate in this Auction which commenced on 2nd May and will finish on  the Sunday 29th May, the same day as the National Show.

Click on the link Here.  AUCTION.


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2022 Nationals

Update from Peter Glassenbury ANBC President.
As many are now aware the National Championship Show for 2022 has been reviewed regarding the initial cancellation and a revised format event is proceeding by the BCSA with the activity held in a far more reduced format than is usual.
The event is now scheduled to be held at Victor Harbor, a picturesque country seaside town south of Adelaide around 60 minutes’ drive from the Adelaide Airport.
The venue will be the Victor Harbor Convention Centre part of the McCracken Country Club, McCracken Drive, Victor Harbor SA 5211 and all seven states and zones have agreed to participate and we are thankful for that overall response. Our main aim is to stage an event where all states and zones can participate however with this Covid Pandemic in full swing we have had to make drastic changes to the actual activities.
Key components to these changes are as follows –
· There will be NO visitors or attendees to the event other those with official roles to facilitate the operational activities. This includes that same restriction for our local members.
· The venue is not sufficient in size to expand visitor entry due to density limits and while we apologise for this strict ruling it was either full entry which would mean no event at this venue or strict controls to hold the event for the benefit of all to some degree
· The event will be further restricted numerically to three bird handlers only from each state or zone to control their respective teams. Detailed instructions will issue to states and zones on this aspect of the event as the vagaries of distance must now be accounted for unlike the events in SA in the past. Bird handlers will be made fully aware of requirements in separate direct memos regarding transport, identification and Covid.
· Strict Covid measures will be applied to every person attending – even those in working roles. Masks and RAT daily tests will apply during the event. These conditions are currently in play in SA at present and are also an integral part of the venues current protocols. Any carers that are not yet fully vaccinated (2+1) need to act promptly to comply with the strict conditions. Put simply no JAB no ENTRY. Health and safety is paramount to the National event proceeding.
· Four Judging sessions will remain however we may vary the number of classes per session to better suit time frames
· The usual bird auction will take place however this will be undertaken electronically with around 20 pairs from notable breeders listed on 32 Auctions for the BCSA. It will commence at the beginning of May and concluded on the Sunday of the Championship Show. There will be much less stress on the birds with no requirement for transport other than a final trip from the Breeder to the happy purchaser. This methodology may be adopted by others in the future and frees up valuable time during the show weekend that is currently strained
· Live Streaming will be the key element and will be free to every interested party.
· There will be no peripheral meetings including the usual AGM with states and zones being informed of those future AGM timelines. Likely to be set around two weeks after the actual show.
We would again reiterate visitation restrictions will be in place to comply with density limitations.
Peter Glassenbury President BCSA