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Welcome to our website. This page is updated regularly to provide advice on our forthcoming events and activities. The other pages of the site will provide all of the other detailed information you might be looking for.


Due to coronavirus restrictions not allowing club shows or meetings, certain aspects of our club have been carried out thanks to our fill in Secretary Brian Reynolds, David Spink, Derryn Ray and Vic Murray sending out regular newsletters.

 On line bird sales of club members birds have been coordinated by Steve Bradley.

The commission on sales has given our club a significant boost to club funds. Thanks to Steve for his initial suggestion and fine contribution.

 With the easing of restrictions, we have planned to have a social club night at our club rooms from 7.30pm on Friday 11th December.

 My suggestion is for members to come along and bring some birds with them. These birds are not to be judged- ‘only for discussion’. They may be your favourite variety or a new variety a member is starting to breed. I believe it is important to have birds at this social event to discuss various points of our feathered friends. Let’s call this a show and tell night- ‘Back to our early school days’.

Please try to support this end of year get together. Pizzas, tea, coffee and soft drinks will be provided by the club.

 In the New Year our 1st club event will be the AGM on the 9th February. I would like to see a good amount of club members in attendance. As we are looking for interested members to get involved in the running of the club, without frightening members, we need a Secretary and Treasurer. Anyone interested in being involved in the running of our club, can contact myself or any other committee member to discuss.

 With the better part of this year behind us, we would all like to forget, we look forward hopefully to a better and more normal 2021.

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all members and families!

Alan Baxter


2020 Additional Ring Orders

Just a quick note to let members know that it has come to our attention that there might be a delay if you wish to order additional un-coded 2020 rings.

We believe there could be a delay of up to 4 to 6 weeks from order, due to short stocks and postage delays from overseas.

So, if you think you are likely to need to order more for this year, you better get your order in ASAP.

Don’t leave it till it’s too late.

Forms available on website.


REMINDER – 2021 Membership & Ring Orders

For those members that have not ordered Coded Rings and paid their 2021 Membership, this is a reminder that the Club & BCV Memberships are for the Calendar year, the same as the ring issue.

So if you haven’t ordered your 2021 rings yet and want them in early 2021, now is the time to get your order in with your membership.

The ring registrar is going to be very busy getting all of the coded ring orders packed & mailed, plus postal deliveries are slow , so to save disappointment, think about doing it now.

Forms available on website.


BCV Triennial Annual General Meeting 

At our General Meeting held on the 21st of October, 2020 the following Councillors were elected to the following positions:

President: Colin Flanagan
Vice President: Peter Thurn
Secretary: James Smith
Minutes Secretary: Ray Slade
Treasurer: Martin Paoli
Ring Registrar: Darren Macfarlane
Editor: Matt Emond
New Member Co-Ordinator: Amanda Fonti
State Show Manager: James Bader
State Show Secretary: Rod Turnbull
Points Co-Ordinator: Richard Hiscock
National Show Committee: Col Flanagan, Peter Thurn, James Smith, Martin Paoli, Matt Emond, Leigh Downey, Bruce Wilson, Ray Slade & Malcolm Randall

I am sure that you will all congratulate the people who work hard for you, the members. When you do catch up with any of the them please thank them for their upcoming sacrifices and contributions during the pursuit of the improvement of the hobby we all love – the keeping, breeding and showing of the Budgerigar.


United Annual General Meeting

RESCEDULED- 9th February 2021

 Although our AGM is usually held by early April, as our year is for Calendar year the same as membership & ring issue. But due to the Virus, the committee are waiting on the restrictions being lifted to hold our AGM.

A further notice will come out calling for nominations, as we get closer.

Please start thinking about how you can help the club.



A number of new video’s and training material has been added to the site. Have a look at the training video’s in the BSSA Master Series section. 

If any member would like a subject covered that isn’t already on the site just drop us an email & we will endeavour to add it.



The Budgerigar Council of Victoria have added two more varieties to the show matrix, in an attempt to encourage the breeders of these varieties into the hobby.

Rainbow Budgerigar (WBO Standard)*

Coloured Budgerigar (WBO Standard) Bush Budgerigar*

This should make a lot of breeders that haven’t  been interested in showing or had nowhere to show the birds previously, very happy.

Hopefully those breeders will come on board and start showing them, and make this hobby bigger & better. Showing adds another dimension of enjoyment to the hobby.

We have included a section on this site with all of the information about breeding and showing them, with a copy of the World Budgerigar Organisation Standard for judging.



Download the changes here: BEY Change to Standard 2020


Download the latest Budgie news here.