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A Letter to All Members.
In order to protect our Local & National Breeders, Exhibitors & their families we are very disappointed to advise everyone that the 2020 ANBC National Show in Bendigo has been cancelled due to the Corona Virus.
Victoria will be making a submission to the ANBC to revise the National show schedule as this cancellation potentially means we will not see the National Show in Victoria for another seven years. Victoria has always been the largest show and this cancellation means that we forgo a National show for 15 years.
Looking at the Victorian Show Calendar the BCV has chosen to Cancel the Young Bird State Championship Show and suggest that Clubs do the same for their Local Club Championship Shows and Budgerigar Auctions on the calendar up to the 14th of June 2020.
The BCV Executive has nominated our monthly Meeting’s to be Electronic meetings for the foreseeable future.
We will be requesting an extension to the date of the AGM and under the current circumstances I would assume that this would be granted. I will keep you informed of the outcome to our request.
After due consideration to the reduction in Exhibitor Points being available due to the Cancellation of Shows, Council has decided that for the Shows that have already occurred and others that may yet be conducted later in the year these points will continue to be allocated. No Exhibitor will be disadvantaged or have their Show Status reduced due to lack of points accumulation for this entire show season.
Furthermore the Beginner Section will have a year added to the mandated five year term. Any beginner currently listed will have a Six Year Term before they are elevated to Intermediate unless they accumulate the 30 points at which time they will be automatically be elevated to Intermediate.
The show schedule will be re-opened for those clubs that have cancelled their Show and wish to choose a date later in the year. If your Club is one of those affected please call/email James Smith (BCV Secretary) to look for gaps in the schedule and he will work with you to create a solution.  
Obviously, the situation is rapidly evolving and the Show Schedule beyond the 14th of June could also be impacted. We are guided by the Government on these matters and they have chosen this time line with their review.
Clearly by reducing the interaction of people we will mitigate the spread of this horrendous virus. Please don’t let the current situation stop us enjoying our great hobby. I am sure the breeding season is commencing for many of you and hope that you can continue to enjoy the hobby with a small number of locals from within your own community until the virus is under control.
Please take time to consider the elderly in our hobby, they may need seed dropped off or other tasks performed and I encourage you to reach out to them. I am sure you can help them enormously without having face to face contact.
Having said that we must comply with the government directives and remain up to date with the suggested plans to combat the spread of this Virus.
Your Budgie News is about to be mailed so please enjoy, and perhaps while idle pen an article for the magazine.
Best Regards and Wishes to All,
Col Flanagan
BCV President



CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. The election of the new committee will take place. Please consider whether you can contribute something to the running of the club. Every little bit helps. There is an Agenda,  nomination and proxi form (if you can’t attend) attached.  We will be having a very interesting night at the AGM, with a Video of the Judging at last year’s National Competition. This will be presented by Vanessa & Adam, with commentary by Alan Baxter who was judging at that event. Learn how they judge the best in the country.


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