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At our last member information night (which was most enjoyable as a social catch-up too) our respected elder and very experienced bird man Alan Rowe raised an important matter. 

Our club meetings and events have been very comfortably held at the Eaglemont Scout Hall in Ivanhoe for some years. However, he suggested, in order for our club to move forward, we need a bigger venue. 

The lack of parking at our current clubhouse and its restricted space for staging has been a concern for some time. It has held members from other clubs back from supporting us by attending events, especially for shows. 

Relocating to a more outer suburban area could attract potential new members from nearby country areas as well. The United committee all agreed with this proposal and started a search. 

After some research, the new venue we selected is Plenty Hall


21 Memorial Drive Plenty. It’s another fine, heritage-style, timber hall, but much larger than our current digs. It’s five minutes drive from the Greensborough end of the Ring Road.

The floor space is around twice the size of our current hall – ‘plenty’ big enough (excuse the pun) with a lot more room for parking. The generous toilet area includes a disabled toilet. There’s a very clean kitchen, (although we will have to bring our own crockery and cutlery) and brooms and vacuum to clean up after our messy seed-kicking budgerigar associates. ‘Rowie’ is happy to store our staging too, as his place is very close, along with the staging trailer we have recently purchased from BCV (thanks president Alan Baxter for organising that) to transport it with. The Plenty Hall fees are likely to be a few hundred dollars steeper per annum, but our budget (thanks to online auctions ongoingly run by VP Steve Bradley) will allow it. Our committee have all voted in favour of the move to Plenty Hall. Hopefully it will be closer for some of you


Your club is now running on-line auctions of quality birds from members that had birds in other club auctions Plus other club members birds. Please support the club.

Click on link:  Next club Auction #16 will be in the next few months.



DIPLOMA SHOW RESULTS Saturday 25th March.

Diploma Winner. Ian Hunter. Super light green Hen

Best Opposite Sex. Ali Humadi. Whitecap cock.

Best Champion. Ian Hunter.

Best Open. Clay, Borg  & Skivington.

Best Intermediate. Ali Humadi.

Best Beginner. Tony McMahon. 

A good show with120 young birds.

Congratulations top all the winners. 

Diploma Light Green & Best Opposite Sex Whitecap



Lucky Squares National Fund Raiser.

This is the first of a few Lucky Number opportunities that the BCV will be running between now and the Nationals. 
The Prize is a  pair of birds. 
There are only 250 tickets available @ $10 each.
Con Herouvim is running the fund raiser on behalf of the BCV (Thanks Con!). Con can be contacted on 0417 277 775 or cherouvim@bigpond.com


The 2023 Nationals will be held in Ballarat Victoria from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th JUNE 2023.


Last Wednesday the 20th April at 10:30am on Inner FM Radio, regular announcer Roger Watson from Eastern Budgerigar club interrupted his music program to talk about everything Budgies with Vic Murray from United budgy club.
Have a listen, lets all do more to promote the hobby.
96.5 on the FM Dial…