Keeping Breeding Records

Keeping breeding records & their importance.

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Some Breeders use computer programs for keeping their breeding records. These can be very useful.

Below is a program that has been available for many years, used by some club members. This program was written by a Sydney breeder, Ken Yorke, using Database & some members might find it a bit “Clunky”. Click on the logo for the link:                                                                  There is also a new program available for members to purchase. This program was written  by a breeder in Perth, Luke Raven, using Microsoft Excel which most people are more familiar with.    There are two training video’s  for viewing and a link to Luke for purchase.

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Part 1 

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Part 2

Luke is asking only $49.95 for the program if you can download from “Dropbox” OR Plus $15.00 postage on a USB stick.

This is a great value program and easy to use.

To purchase this program, Contact Luke Raven: