About Showing

Downloadable information:

How the show season works – for beginners

BCV Budgerigar Classes Matrix 2019 XL format

BCV Budgerigar Classes Matrix 2019 PDF format  

Variety Identification photo gallery 

Show Preparation – Jim Fletcher

BCV_show_rules_17_02_17v1 It is important to uderstand these rules

Variety Matrix for showing – This explains the variety & colour combinations allowed in each class.

Show entry form 2019

Show Entry Instruction Sheet

Stewards Guidelines 

ANBC_pictorial_standard_presentation (Great full colour pictorial presentation of the Varieties)

ANBC_Standard_2017 (This is what the judges and breeders are looking to achieve in the birds)



A You Tube video of the 2016 Young bird State Championships. Video & Editing-Production by Club members Bill Schembri and Vanessa White: :

A You Tube video explaining the process of “Spotting” your birds for showing: