About United Budgerigar Society

Welcome to United Budgerigar Society website,

United Budgerigar Society is based in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia and one of the most successful on the show circuit.

If you have just purchased a new budgerigar, are considering buying one, or maybe already have an aviary full, then we hope you will find this site helpful.

This hobby will bring you a great deal of pleasure, whether it is the satisfaction from show competitions, or meeting people & making friends through a common interest.

Experience the enjoyment of breeding these wonderful birds. Use the hobby as a joint family activity for bonding.

Learn and or teach your children about animal husbandry, or maybe the genetics of breeding the different colours will interest you.

The club is one of 22 clubs in Victoria,  Australia. We are based in metropolitan Melbourne, with the majority of our members based primarily in the North Eastern suburbs.

About our club,

We are one of the most successful clubs on the show circuit, with a number of Champion breeders and senior Judges as members.

The club was formed out of the amalgamation of several other clubs, Northcote-Heidelberg clubs in 1968.

Members are encouraged to breed at least one of the lesser/recessive varieties as well as normal’s, so that the club can field a full team with birds in every variety for the inter-club state  Shield competitions.

New & beginner members are assisted with obtaining birds & the harder to get varieties.

This is a great help to these breeders and the club. Beginner members are also assisted pairing their birds for breeding, overall husbandry and culling for sale birds.

As well as sharing the competitive and animal husbandry aspects of the hobby, our club has a good social program, which fosters friendship and camaraderie.


Apart from single memberships, we have partnerships/family groups as well as both male and female exhibitors.

And for those that not interested in showing we have a “Social Member” category, which gives you access to all club events and assistance.

 If you want to join a great, friendly club, that is one of the most successful on the show bench or get help with any aspect of this great hobby, then United Budgerigar Society is the club to Join.

Rules & Conduct,

We have a set of rules set out for the benefit of all members and the proper running of the club which can be downloaded here: United_Budgerigar_Society_Rules

We also have a code of conduct for the behavior of members ant the way we respectfully treat each other, which can be downloaded here: UNITED BUDGERIGAR SOCIETY Code of Conduct

Where to find us,

Plenty Community Hall, Memorial drive, Plenty