From the BCV.

What a great show on Sunday! Some outstanding birds on display and great to catch up with the budgie fraternity.

Congratulations to John Ennis on winning best in show. A great effort from one of the hobby’s quiet achievers. Also congratulations to Carnick Budgerigars (Nick and Carmel) for winning Best Beginner and to Dreamtime Budgerigars (Don and Shac) for winning Best Intermediate. Of all the things that Council has done in the last few years, the acknowledgement of the performance of the Beginner and Intermediate exhibitors at our State Championships is one of the best.

But what’s better, WE WON AGAIN.

Note our members winning 8 classes. Congratulations to those class winners, and thank you to all members for their support and contribution to the win.

Top six clubs with their change in position from last year.