Husbandry, Care & Health

PDF Documents

Diseases & Health management:

Click on link:  How to tell if you bird has Mite.

Download a pdf article on: Scaly Face in Budgerigars

Download pdf handout for Common budgie health issues & Treatment: Health issues handout 

Download a pdf article on French Moult by Dr Rob Marshal: Rob+Marshall+on+French+Moult+2020

A detailed article about Megabacteria in budgies on the ANBC website: 

A detailed article about Avian Gastric Yeast on the ANBC website: 

Download a pdf article on Splayed Legs In Budgie Chicks  

Download a pdf article on Making Iodine Blocks

Budgerigar Council of Victoria list of Avian Vets: 

Fitting Rings:

Food & Nutrition:

Download a pdf chart of (copied from “The Challenge”) of the food nutritional values of common budgie foods. Food Nutrition chart 

This is a link to the website of Alan Kent, one of NSW top breeders and National winner. His page on his feeding regime makes for great reading and full of good advice for all:

Download the Vic Govt Code of practice for housing caged birds: 

Download the BCV Code of Practice for bird sales:

Download a pdf file of How to Build a Hospital cage: Hospital Cage Description

Download a pdf file of How to Build a Seed Winnower: Seed winnower plans & photos

Go to Bird Vet for information on how to trim a beak and other health issues.


Helpful Videos

A video explaining how to clip nails: 

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A video explaining how to trim a beak:

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A Video explaining/showing how to fit a ring on a baby:

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A Video showing how & why to fit a “Split ring” on a Budgie:

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A Video showing how some of the Vitamins & essentials needed in the birdroom:

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A Video showing how to “Crop Feed” a baby Budgie:

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Treating Scaly Face mite – from the Vets at Vetafarm. 

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Sick Bird – Helpful advice from the Vets at Vetafarm.

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