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Next club function.


 This is one of the most important show for the year, and is being held on at the club rooms 1st Eaglemont Scout Hall, Irvine Road, East Ivanhoe.

 NOTE: This is a Morning show!!

 Setup will be from 9am with the judging commencing at 10am.

 Please ensure that all cages have a sticker on the back with your ring code and ring number recorded.


Budgerigar Council of Victoria

2021 State Championship Show

Sunday 16th May

Birds to be on site by 9am for Benching.

1. AGM
After the completion of Judging (finals included) there will be the running of the Annual General Meeting. This will be done prior to the Presentations and is anticipated to take only a period of about half an hour.

2. Flecking Conversation / Presentation
After the AGM a few of our learned colleagues will take the stage and give a refresher on the flecking Ruling and also have a general question and answer on Show Budgerigars. 

2. Raffle Prize
Alan Rowe has very generously donated a pair of Budgerigars for our Raffle Prize on the day! The pair are: White Cap and a Cobalt – our thanks to Alan for his support!

3. Exhibition Class
The BCV are welcoming any person who would like to exhibit Rainbow Budgerigars in a special class on the day. Usually this would mean Show Cages and Rung Birds only – however in an incentive to get people from as many places as possible to come and be part of the hobby we are going to accept Wire Cages, Pet Cages, Un Rung and both young and old Rainbow Budgerigars. Rex Stephens has volunteered to work through the variety identification on the day with everyone who puts birds in and assist with the judging. Prizes for this class will be awarded on the day – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place! Please get anyone you know to bring their birds along to assist in the promotion of this beautiful color combination.

4. Points
For this Young Bird State Show ONLY the BCV will be awarding extra points. This is due to no National Show and generally a few less shows being held due to COVID earlier in the year. 1st = 15 Points, 2nd = 10 Points, 3rd = 7 Points, 4th = 3 Points. Again, this show only for the extra points!

5. Member Benefit Voucher
Finally, this is a fantastic initiative from the BCV. We are also offering any current BCV Member who attends a Non Redeemable $10 Voucher for Lunch. This is a gesture of goodwill to our members who have all been impacted by less shows, lockdown and an overall challenging time over the last 18 months. On the Day of the Show two of your Councilors – Martin Paoli and Richard Hiscock will be gifting the Vouchers to Members. If there is one show you don’t want to miss – its this one!!

The Budgerigar Council of Victoria want this show to be as big and as interesting as possible for you, the members and guests at the Premier event of the Show Calendar!!

See you all there on the day!!